Hamster Revolution for Meetings Book - Hardcover

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Spinning your wheels in meetings?  Get a life!

Are meetings taking over your life? Meet Iris, a sales manager so overwhelmed by meetings she feels like a hamster on a wheel. 

Just in time, Iris finds a coach—a meeting efficiency and etiquette expert with a simple system that helps her to meet less, make better use of meeting technology, and get more done.

A gem! This book will take your career to new heights!

Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager®

The best meeting effectiveness tools ever!

Richard L. Andersen, EVP, San Diego Padres


Chock full of practical, creative tips for leveraging today’s e-calendar and web meeting technology.

Jan Baldwin, Co-CEO, NTH Generation Computing


Brilliant, timely, and deceptively simple!

Paul Ruane, Director of Learning and Devleopment Schering Plough

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