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Struggling to locate email, info, and documents? This class helps you file, find, and organize your email, documents, folders, and links like a pro! Discover an easy, new system for organizing everything!

This E-Learning is broken into 3 easy-to-follow 10 minute modules.

Learning Objectives

Get organized and save 10 days a year by:

  1. Filing and finding email and documents 25% faster
  2. Improving your system of storage by 50%
  3. Reducing paper printing by 15%

Course Benefits

  • Discover better ways to file, find, and name email and documents
  • Create Zip! Zones to rapidly access what matters most
  • Easily implement a powerful new digital folder system called COTA
  • Master Windows 7 digital folder tricks that make it easy to find your precious info

Course Content

Help! We are expected to manage thousands of emails and computer documents with little or no instruction. No wonder it’s so hard to get and stay organized! In this class, you’ll learn the shocking reasons that most organizational systems fail – and what to do about it.

 Learn how to easily build Zip! Zones, which are clusters of useful shortcuts that help you zoom to important projects, files, and info in a flash. Discover four powerful digital folder strategies that help you get your arms around your information. Finally, you’ll be introduced to an innovative new storage system called COTA®. Suddenly, you’ll be able to easily organize and prioritize any piece of information that comes your way. COTA will simplify every file-and-find decision you make for the rest of your career. Best of all, COTA will not deteriorate over time like most organizational systems.

Who Should Attend

  • Any email user seeking to organize and prioritize email, documents, and info
  • Professionals who manage multiple projects and priorities
  • Colleagues struggling with information overload or time management


30 Minute E-Learning

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