Get Control! of Leadership E-Learning

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Are you a tech-savvy leader? Do you know your TQ score? Are you looking for new ways to inspire and manage a remote/virtual team? Could your team accomplish more if they made better use of everyday technology like Outlook, Excel, Windows, and smartphones? Discover incredible tips and strategies that help leaders maximize team performance via a revolutionary new approach to technology. 

 Learning Objectives

  1. Leaders assess their Get Control! of Leadership TQ (Tech Quotient) Profile
  2. Leaders save themselves and their direct reports 15 days a year via the smart use of technology
  3. Quality of virtual team communication and engagement improves by 35%

Class Benefits

  • Discover amazing, quick-to-learn, easy-to-use tech tips and share them with your team
  • Boost engagement and build team unity via improved e-communications
  • Learn new ways to transform an ordinary team into a tech-savvy productivity powerhouse
  • Discover secrets for coaching in a tech-driven, 24-7, always on, virtual work environment

Class Content

Leaders discover and master a series of incredibly useful tech tips and communication strategies.  They also discover a strategic Four Week Action Plan for sharing these crucial insights with their teams. Each week, the leader reviews a quick video and implements key strategies.  Each weekly assignment takes less than one hour.   


The final step is to create a Get Control! of Leadership Team Charter – a simple one-page statement that documents the team’s commitment to technical excellence.

Who Should Attend

  • Any leader or team member seeking to boost performance via technology
  • Anyone managing people who use technology like Outlook, Windows, smartphones, etc.

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