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Struggling with lost or hard to find information? Try this Emodule! Professionals search constantly for information, email, and documents. Surprisingly, few are aware of amazing Google, Bing, Windows, Outlook, and Gmail search techniques that could help them find things twice as fast.   

Learning Objectives

  1. Reduce search time by 25%
  2. Boost search quality by 25%

Course Benefits

  • Avoid the pain, stress, and frustration of lost or difficult-to-find information
  • Rapidly assemble the email, documents, and information needed to do your job
  • Discover clever Google®, Bing®, Windows®, and Outlook® search techniques that save you time

Course Content

Individuals, teams, and entire organizations often struggle to rapidly locate important information.  This results in missed deadlines or – even worse – projects completed with the wrong info. Get Control! of Search introduces participants to effective, easy-to-use techniques that allow them to rapidly retrieve the exact digital info they need to get things done.

 It’s packed with useful insights including:

  • How to rapidly narrow internet searches
  • Powerful hidden functions of Google and Bing that streamline processes
  • Excellent tips for searching mail, calendar, and tasks within Outlook, Gmail, Lotus, etc.
  • A brilliant strategy for organizing, prioritizing, and maintaining search history

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who uses search on a regular basis
  • Any leader concerned that team productivity will fall as team members struggle to find the right info to do their jobs


15 Minute E-Learning Module

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