Get Control! of Skype for Business E-Learning

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For individual use only - 30 day expiration

Looking for Skype for Business tips and tricks? Struggling to improve team collaboration and communication?  The truth is that most professionals either overuse or under-use this powerful communication tool. This class makes it easy to rapidly learn the best, most useful features of Skype for Business (aka Lync).

Learning Objectives

  1. Better leverage Skype for Business to boost individual and team productivity
  2. Improve the quality of team communications via IM, Phone, Video, and Desktop Share modes
  3. Reduce interruptions while speeding completion of priority projects

Course Benefits

  • Save time and boost performance via easy-to-adopt yet often hidden Skype features
  • Leverage powerful features like group IM lists, status change alerts, web cam tips, desktop share features, Skype polls, Outlook invites, recorded meetings, etc.
  • Get Control! Pause and Practice, learn-by-doing approach increases long term adoption

Course Content

Individuals, teams, and entire organizations often fail to discover the powerful features within Skype for Business (aka Lync). Some teams overuse Skype, resulting in a fragmented, interruption-intense flow of information. Other teams underutilize excellent features like polls, group video calls, desktop share, and status change alerts. Get Control! of Skype for Business is packed with useful insights including:

  • What to Use When: Choose the right Skype tool to save time and get the job done
  • Mobile App: Learn how to boost performance via the handy, feature-rich, Skype for Business Smart Phone App
  • How to launch Outlook invites, record meetings, add participants, turn on Q & A, whiteboard, and hidden tools features

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