Get Control! of Office 365 E-Learning

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Is Microsoft Office 365 difficult to adopt?  You’re not alone!   In this class, you’ll get a quick overview of 365.  Then you’ll discover OneDrive, SharePoint and Windows 10 strategies that help you understand, organize, navigate, and manage your digital world.  You’ll gain rapid insight into 365 features, shortcuts, tools, and mobile apps.  Finally, you’ll be introduced to the cloud-based version of familiar apps like Excel while also discovering exciting new tools like Teams and Planner.  

Learning Objectives

Get organized and save five days a year by:

  1. A 50% better understanding of useful 365 features
  2. The optimization of your work environment via useful 365 shortcuts, tips, and strategies

Class Benefits

  • Compare and contrast the desktop, browser, and mobile versions of 365 apps.
  • Optimize 365 settings, shortcuts, templates and navigation
  • OneDrive, SharePoint, and Windows 10 organization tips
  • Effectively manage cloud and desktop versions of Word, Excel, Skype, Outlook, etc.

Class Content

Help! Microsoft just changed everything!  New users are often overwhelmed by the dramatic change that occurs when they upgrade to Office 365 and Windows 10.  This class takes the user on a tour of what’s new within 365.  The class focuses on OneDrive – Microsoft’s new cloud-based storage program.  Participants learn how it works and why it is a much safer place to store info.   


Office 365 also features integrations of existing programs like Outlook, OneNote, and Skype for Business.  Users discover how these integrations can help them save time without losing information or duplicating communications.


Browser strategies are introduced to help users quickly toggle between 365’s many web pages.  Finally, mobile apps are introduced to show how easy it is to manage documents, project info, communications and more via smartphones and tablets.

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