Get Control! of Presentation Skills E-Learning

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Do you want to become a more confident and effective presenter, trainer, or speaker? Discover extremely useful public speaking and meeting presentation strategies, tools, and PowerPoint tips in this dynamic and innovative new class. 

Learning Objectives

Improve meeting presentations, public speaking, training and PowerPoint skills by 25-50%.  Gain confidence while discovering a new way to engage your audience via time-tested rock and roll techniques.

Class Benefits

  • Excellent advice for anyone looking to improve their presentation or public speaking skills
  • Present more effectively at all events ranging from small meetings to large groups
  • Useful PowerPoint tips that make every presentation more engaging, dynamic, and professional

Class Content

Public speaking and presenting are activities that many people fear most. In addition to stress, many professionals are concerned that their inability to communicate effectively and engage participants could be eroding their performance and career growth opportunities.


Get Control! of Presentation Skills will help you deliver clear, concise, and extremely compelling presentations.  Participants receive extremely useful coaching in the following areas:

  • Overcoming Fear of Presenting
  • Innovative Engagement Techniques
  • Connecting via Call and Response
  • Building Empathy
  • Incorporating Participant Names
  • Vocal Timing, Tone, and Cadence
  • Clarity and Simplicity of Message
  • Use Stories and Riffs to Boost Interest
  • Weeding Out Distracting Behaviors
  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
  • Injecting Humor
  • Being Results Driven

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who speaks in a professional setting, at meetings, and in front of groups of any size
  • Leaders, associates, salespeople, and similar roles
  • Professionals eager to leverage public speaking skills to take their careers to the next level

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