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What if almost everything you’ve learned about time management was wrong?  Get ready for a radical new approach to time management. Attend this class if you’ve tried and failed to use the Outlook or a digital task list, get your inbox to zero, or end procrastination.   

Learning Objectives

Achieve 20% more in the next 12 months by:

  1. Understanding why so many traditional time management concepts no longer work
  2. Shifting to new, quick-hit techniques tailored to our 24-7, info-intense work environment
  3. Discovering a new strategy for accessing and executing your big important goals

Course Benefits

  • Save time and achieve more with less stress
  • Boost motivation and job performance by working better, smarter, and faster
  • Achieve more via a Smart Weekly Action List that flows from your BIGs (Big Important Goals)
  • Train your tech robots to do 20% of your work
  • Learn better ways to prioritize and organize your workload

Course Content

Are you struggling to focus in a world flooded with non-stop interruptions, email, and tasks? It’s time to Get Control! of Time Management.  In this revolutionary course, you’ll discover that traditional time management best practices are no longer working. In fact, trusted ideas like creating a daily To Do List, managing action items via Outlook, Lotus, or Gmail tasks, or getting your inbox to zero may actually be hurting your performance rather than helping it. 

These strategies will be replaced with far more useful alternatives. In some cases you’ll learn new ways to leverage technology. In other cases, you’ll be advised to abandon it altogether! One thing is for sure – this class is packed with new ideas that will help you attain a whole new level of productivity and performance.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals struggling to focus in a world jammed with tasks, email, and interruptions
  • Anyone who wants to boost job performance, sales, and productivity
  • Professionals interested in reducing stress and propelling their career to the next level


30 Minute Emodule

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